I'm Catholic Cool

A New Song... Good News... Well Done!

I'm Catholic Cool Project

(YES!  We are still accepting your comments and videos telling us "Why you think you are Catholic Cool?"  ATTN.  Video producers!  Please submit your treatments if you are interested in sponsoring the official video featuring the new line dance called "The Cross.")

The I’m Catholic Cool Project is for every practicing Catholic of any age, with special focus on youth and young adults. The mission of the project is to embrace the “wholeness” of each individual by acknowledging the need to cater to a person’s spiritual, social and physical needs. “Our bodies are the temples of the Lord.”

This project caters to all ethnicities, families, single individuals, college students, young executives and everyone who needs to hear and experience the “good news of Jesus”.

I’m Catholic Cool allows people to dream, learn, shine, and serve all while sharing the truth of Jesus daily through their lives.

We recognize that young people have an innate desire to be heard, acknowledged, recognized and validated. Therefore, we give our Catholic youth an opportunity to showcase their talents all while being true to their faith.